Cosmetology: Permanent wave Test Questions and Answers 3

Below are the  Perm wave Test Questions and Answers that helps you to pass your cosmetology State Board written exam, in order to get your cosmetology license or barber license on the first try!

46.)    The chemical action of the Neutralizer is to:
A.)    Shrink the hair
B.)    Re-harden the hair
C.)    Restore the pH of the hair
D.)    All of the above
ANS:    All of the above
47.)    What chemical rebuilds the disulfide bonds into their new shape that is comformed to the size of the perm rod?
A.)    Neutralizer
B.)    Ammonium
C.)    Perm solution
D.)    Booster
ANS:    Neutralizer
48.)    The active ingredient in neutralizers is an oxidizer called
A.)    Alkaline
B.)    Sodium
C.)    Alkalizing agent
D.)    Hydrogen peroxide
ANS:    Hydrogen peroxide
49.)    The pH of the neutralizers is:
A.)    Base
B.)    Acid
C.)    Alkaline
D.)    All of the above
ANS:    Acid
50.)    When doing a bricklay perm wrap, base sections (sub sections) are offset and are parted in a bricklay fashion that prevents hair strands to have noticeable:
A.)    Color
B.)    Splits
C.)    Waves
D.)    Redox
ANS:    Splits
51.)    When pie shaped parting are used and the perm rods are wrapped following the curve of the head, which wrap is used?
A.)    Bricklay
B.)    Curvature perm wrap
C.)    Straightback
D.)    Piggyback wrap
ANS:    Curvature perm wrap
52.)    Piggyback wrap with two perm rods is also called:
A.)    Men's perm
B.)    Partial perm
C.)    Double strand technique
D.)    Double tool perm technique
ANS:    Double tool perm technique
53.)    When not enough disulfide bonds are broken to take the form of the perm road and more time is needed to complete the perm process, the hair is:
A.)    Over-heated
B.)    Over-saturated
C.)    Over-processed
D.)    Under-processed
ANS:    Under-processed
54.)    When the hair spirals along the perm tool at an angle, it is:
A.)    Spiral perm wrap
B.)    Double tool wrap
C.)    Curvature perm wrap
D.)    Croquignole perm wrap
ANS:    Spiral perm wrap
55.)    Partial perm wrap is used, when:
A.)    the top hair portion is perm for volume
B.)    the hair perimeter is only permed leaving the top portion Straight
C.)    Clients do not wish to have their entire hair permed
D.)    All of the above
ANS:    All of the above
56.)    A perm test on a strand of hair to check for processing time, the effect of the strength of the solution on the hair, the extent of damage, and the final result before doing the perm, is called:
A.)    Peroxide test
B.)    Preliminary test curl
C.)    Ammonia test
D.)    Neutralizing test
ANS:    Preliminary test curl
57.)    Perms for men:
A.)    Make the hair more manageable
B.)    Produce a wavy look
C.)    Help give fullness to sparse hair
D.)    All of the above
ANS:    All of the above
58.)    To protect the client's skin, apply protective cream:
A.)    On the hair
B.)    Around the hairline
C.)    Between subsections
D.)    None of the above
ANS:    Around the hairline
59.)    When should you shampoo the hair?
A.)    Before the neutralizer
B.)    After the perm solution
C.)    After neutralizer
D.)    Before wrapping the rods on the hair
ANS:    Before wrapping the rods on the hair
60.)    Chemically rearranging straight hair into curly form is called:
A.)    Blow drying
B.)    Permanent waving
C.)    Sodium relaxer
D.)    Chemical straightening
ANS:    Permanent waving
61.)    Weave technique uses:
A.)    Zigzag partings
B.)    Straight partings
C.)    Curvature partings
D.)    Double tool perm technique
ANS:    Zigzag partings
62.)    Piggyback wrap is used for extra long hair using two perm tools; one perm rod is used to wrap the hair from scalp to the mid-length of the hair, then a second perm rod is used from mid-length to rest of the hair.
A.)    TRUE
B.)    FALSE
63.)    The main ingredient in the alkaline perm is:
A.)    Sodium Hydroxide
B.)    Ammonium Thioglycolate
C.)    Glyceryl Monothioglycolate
D.)    All of the above
ANS:    Ammonium Thioglycolate
64.)    What is applied to the hair after the perm solution has been rinsed and the hair on the perm rods was towel blotted?
A.)    Ammonium
B.)    Neutralizer
C.)    Perm booster
D.)    Haircolor
ANS:    Neutralizer
65.)    Most of the Acid Balanced wave solutions require the hairdresser to mix an activator to the solution prior to use on hair wrapped on perm rods, which creates an exothermic (rapid heat reaction) in the bottle.
A.)    TRUE
B.)    FALSE

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