Sports Nutrition Test

During exercise training, a diet with ____% of carbohydrate is recommended.
ANS: 60

Which of the following are high in carbohydrate?
Raisin Bran

A rapid loading program
All the above

The rule of thumb for protein in your daily diet is
0.2 cups milk plus 4 ounces chicken breast, 1 tablespoon peanut butter and 1 egg

Ways to boost your iron intake include
All the above

Is made up of amino acids

Carbohydrates include
All the above

Disaccharides are
All the above

Signs of inadequate water intake are
All the above

The first priority after a hard workout is
Replace fluids

The major fuel source within a cell is

Energy produced without oxygen is a ____ process.

Anaerobic metabolism results in
Lactic acid accumulation

Between 40-60% of maximum heart rate, ____ is the main energy fuel.

Which factors determine the fuel that will be burned during exercise?
All the above

When making food choices on the road...
All the above

For people eating an overall wholesome diet, what percentage of calories can appropriately come from refined sugar?
6 to 10 percent

all of the following are characteristics of the female athlete triad except
food is simply fuel for your body. quizlet
an athlete seeking to gain weight should consume an additional per day
Fatigue is a side effect of low glycogen stores.
Which of the following is most likely to be the hardest to digest as fuel during a marathon?
supplements with strong evidence for improving performance include:
taking high doses of the antioxidant vitamins c and e course hero
all of the following are true physiological functions exhibited by protein except
the sensation of thirst is triggered when the amount of sodium in the blood is
it is important to lose weight gradually after pregnancy.